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CompanyYour ultimate RF interconnection supplier

Zeeteq Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 by a group of professionals who shared the same mission. With more than 20 years of added experiences in the RF Interconnection segment, Zeeteq’s mission is to stand out as an active player to meet the growing data needs by people from all walks of life.

Since the beginning of the century China has been the global manufacturing hub of wireless communication products. Zeeteq seizes the peak of industrialization and made it self ready as a niche supplier with focus on the RF conditioning market. We design and manufacture RF connectors (IEC standard), and cable assemblies.

Our worldwide customer group is widely spread in the industry of wireless telecommunications, data transmission, medical, plus test and measurement.

Our goal is to stand out as a supplier to our customer with high quality, cost-effective products and tailored services. Our competitive edge is time to market which is essential in today's competitive world.

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